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    issue: using fiscal time range as filter

    Patrick Weber

      Hi everyone


      until now we are using an excel makro sheet where you have to insert a start date (date of fiscal month) and date of the previous day in order to get data between this intervall.


      Now I tried to build an example in Tableau based on superstore data.

      For the fiscal year there's a query on an excel sheet which contains the intervall for each month (start / end).


      After that I created a calculation for the fiscal year. Instead of the current time I'm using a parameter for the date so I can check the different intervalls.


      The start intervall and the calculation for previous day are working fine.


      But when I try to blend the excel and the superstore data (see attached example below) my calculation calcTimeStart which contains calcStartIntervall and calcPreviousDay can't be used in one filter to limit the rows.


      E.g if you set up June 13 in Testdate, then the start intervall must be May 24 (see fiscal_intervall) and previous day would be June 12

      that means all data between May 24 and June 12 should be shown.


      Doesn anybody have a tip or hint why it's not working?


      Thanks in advance.