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    Calculation Needed to find number of orders received by the 10th

    Heather Jewell



      I have a bit of a tough calculation I'm trying to come up with and I'm a complete beginner at calculations in Tableau.


      I have a set of data, that records a date an order was submitted into our internal system. Our data is broken down by play cycles, and orders can be submitted for each play cycle 3 plus months before a given play cycle. I need to find the number of orders received from the time the first order for a given play cycle was submitted until the 10th of the month, 3 months before the play cycle date.


      For example, the May 2018 play cycle cut off for submitted orders is March 10th. I need to calculate the number of orders that were submitted anywhere between January 1st to March 10th.


      I had was given this calculation earlier, but it's pulling a much smaller percentage then it should, in the report.

      (int(DATE(MONTH([Play Cycle]))-DATE(MONTH([Date Submitted to SAFE]))) >= 3) AND (INT(DAY([Date Submitted to SAFE]))<= 10)


      I'm unable to share the data, but any help or pointers anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!