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    Calculation of Table between previous months and years

    Danilo Carvalho

      Everyone, good afternoon!

      I gave a search and could not find a forum with this doubt, I apologize if it already has.


      I need help calculating the tableau.

      I need to return in a table the value of the current month, value of the previous month and value of the month of the previous year, being that in the filter I can select only 1 year.


      I'm attaching the workbook and an excel print of how I'd like it to look.

      Can someone help me.


      Thank you



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          Alex Braun

          Depending on weather you want the output to be automatic or manual, this can be done pretty easily.


          First, you will create 2 parameters.

          The first, I will call Date Type. Here you can set some pre-defined periods. So I will put 3 options.


          Current Month

          Previous Month



          The second parameter will be a date parameter, you can name it whatever you would like.


          Next you will need to create a calculated field to give you the reference date, the calculation is as follows [Reference Date]


          if [Date Type] = 'Current Month' then datetrunc('month',Today())

          elseif [Date Type] = 'Previous Month' then dateadd('month',-1,datetrunc('month',Today()))

          else datetrunc('month',[Date Parameter])



          The next calculated field will be for our filter. [Date Filter]

          if [Reference Date] = datetrunc('month',[Data Date]) then 'T'

          elseif dateadd('month',-1,[Reference Date]) = datetrunc('month',[Data Date]) then 'T'

          elseif dateadd('year',-1,[Reference Date]) = datetrunc('month',[Data Date]) then 'T'

          else 'F'



          Then apply the [Date Filter] and accept 'T' to get these.  You can also create 3 separate calculated fields that instead of 'T', you put the period name for your month,month-1 and month previous year headings.


          I have added a file with the calcs and applied the filter.