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    How to clear Cache on tableau server

    Nitin Agrawal

      Hello All,


      I want to clear cache on tableau server as soon as the extract is refreshed, i am refreshing extract using tabcmd and accessing reports on other application with the help tableau URLs/API.


      I cannot use refresh=yes in the URLs because there are multiple of them and it really affects performance each time they hit tableau server, what i am looking at is some kind of tabcmd or tableau API which can clear cache on server in a particular workbook with a single call (i shouldn't have to use refresh parameter in all dashboards/worksheets URLs of a workbook).


      Is this even possible, i don't intent to use 'tabadmin clearcache' because for this i would have to stop the server and other wordbooks will get affected.


      Any workaround will also help. Kindly, suggest.





      Thank you