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    Calculation of total duration with regards to multiple timestamp

    wc chua

      Hi, As shown below is a small portion of my data:



      x,14/1/2018 1:06:12 PM,103.764280,1.331031

      x,14/1/2018 1:06:12 PM,103.764253,1.330950

      x,14/1/2018 1:06:11 PM,103.764242,1.330870

      x,14/1/2018 1:06:11 PM,103.764226,1.330784

      x,14/1/2018 1:06:10 PM,103.764210,1.330709

      x,14/1/2018 1:06:10 PM,103.764189,1.330645

      x,14/1/2018 1:06:09 PM,103.764178,1.330575

      x,14/1/2018 1:06:09 PM,103.764172,1.330495

      x,14/1/2018 1:06:08 PM,103.764162,1.330414

      y,14/1/2018 1:06:08 PM,103.764162,1.330355

      x,14/1/2018 1:06:07 PM,103.764156,1.330275

      y,14/1/2018 1:06:07 PM,103.764146,1.330205

      y,14/1/2018 1:06:06 PM,103.764140,1.330108

      y,14/1/2018 1:06:06 PM,103.764124,1.330039


      I would like to ask if there is any ways to calculate the total duration of  each model(x and y) based on the timestamp?

      This is a vehicle tracking data so i would like to track each model's runtime on the road