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    Unable to filter to get specific distinct numbers

    Adhitya Sanusi

      Good morning all,


      I have an issue in regard to calculate the total number based on specific filter value


      I would like to see how many total number of distinct advisers and how many total number of distinct complains when I filter using various combination of filters (mainly 'Complain Rating' filter).


      For example, when I set the filter 'Complain Rating' = High (FYI, it's a parameter), It doesn't give me the correct total number of distinct complains (17 cases) and advisers (4 advisers). It still gives me the total number of complain 50 and total number of adviser 26. Also it gives me nothing when I filter 'Complain Rating' = Low. Below is the screen shot


      Attached is the Tableau and Excel files for perusal.


      Thank you all for your help. Really appreciated.


      Have a great day.


      Kind regards,