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    Geographical - where a postcode doesn't exist use the country, otherwise use the territory

    Liam B



      I have a set of data which covers multiple countries (mainly Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland). Within this data I have a 'Postcode' field, however there is only a valid postcode for Germany data, any other countries i just have the country code.

      I also have a separate country field.


      For my German rows, I have 8 different territories (say A-H). I have a territory field which assigns a territory based on the postcode, for non-German postcodes it again uses the country; to create the geographical role I use 'Create from' -> 'Postcode'.


      My end goal is to create a map where the German territories are filled in (I can do this with what I've got already) but then I am after wherever another country is used then the whole country to be filled in on the Map.


      So basically if there is a territory use that in Germany, if no territory and a country then use that country.


      I'm not sure how to create the geographical fields for this.


      Thanks for the help,