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    Basic Extract data from datasource URL


      I am sorry to ask this as it seems so simple. But I only have access to tableau now, and I cannot figure out where to find the doc to request data from a datasource using url.


      By looking at 2 years old GitHub c# project I could manage to recover the IDs of all the data source and create a signup instance, though I could not recover any of the interesting data.


      Basically, I just want to download the distinct data from a column; to let the user request the table according to one filter and between 2 dates (any format). I used to download "all columns" in csv from a simple sheet.


      Thank you,

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          Jeevan Krishna

          Hi johan,


          Please feel free to ask any questions on the forums. A question that sounds basic for you might be a life saver for someone else.


          Coming to the issue, I guess you are looking at URL parameters here. I couldnt understand much other than that. Please refer this and see if this is what you are looking for - Parameters for Embed Code . And you might be looking at name parameter in that page.

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            Thank you Jeevan,


            I am trying to explore your link.


            Meanwhile, what I am trying to do is replicating an pseudo SQl query that would be like :


            List<string> ListName= from [datasource].Columns[columnX] unique


            User would choose the FilterName from the list then:


            WantedData= from [datasource].Columns[columnX]. where[columnX==FilterName].And[date >minDate].And[date <maxDate]


            Thank you,