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    Link Dashboards

    Anne Brown



      Im very new to Tableau (as you will most probably tell from my dashboards) & i'm sure this is very easy to do,


      However, i am in the middle of creating a few dashboards & i would like to create a link between them.


      E.g. on the opening dashboard, if i select a country from a map, a new dashboard would show and all links to that country selected would show only. Hopefully that makes sense?


      Tab 1 - https://public.tableau.com/profile/adam.brown6901#!/vizhome/InternationalMatches1872-20181/Dashboard3?publish=yes


      Tab 2 - https://public.tableau.com/profile/adam.brown6901#!/vizhome/InternationalMatches1872-20182/Dashboard5?publish=yes


      Example if i selected France on the map in Tab 1, then a totally new dashboard would show, where the information linked in tab 1 & tab 2 (all regarding France) would show only.


      Hopefully that makes sense & any help would be appreciated.