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    Null Values Population

    Venkata G

      Data source contains question and answer columns, in the database all the answers data selected to a particular questions appears correct but when the answers are displayed by using  calculated filed then nulls are appearing for every answer and then actual answer is appearing. If I want to display data based on one calculated field then I just can filter the null values but I am facing difficulty when I apply multiple filters related to different questions and answer data in single report.

      I am having difficulty to remove the null values, when I remove null values from one filter and apply another filter with different set of question and answer then no data is appearing


      For Example:

      Question(Continent name)     Answer(country names)

      America                                Null




      ASIA                                     Null



      Europe                                  Null




      Hope I have provide enough details to explain my issues.

      I am stuck in middle of report creation any suggestions or help is really appreciated.

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          Jim Dehner

          Please help me understand

          Your data appears complete - that is there are answers for every question and responder combination - no combinations are missing?

          If combinations are missing - they can result in nulls in the viz




          if it is not the data you calculated field is creating the null - it would happen with and If..then statement when a record does not satisfy the any of the conditions and there is no "else' clause a Null is generated






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