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    Tableau Reader 10.5.3 Download

    Peter Lo

      Hi Fellow Members,


      Is there a link for me to download this Tableau Reader v10.5.3? If not, if something is created in Tableau Desktop v10.5.3, can Tableau Reader v10.5.2 read it fine?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Peter,


          Not sure if we have a 10.5.3 Tableau Reader version but if someone has Tableau Reader 10.5.2 it should be able to open workbooks created with Tableau Desktop 10.5.3.  The reason being is that these are on the same 10.5.x code branch with only the maintenance release being different.  With rare exceptions, maintenance releases typically only contain fixes for defects and no new functionality is introduced.   Now if a user upgrades their Tableau Desktop to 2081.1 and saves a workbook into that format, then a 10.5.x Reader won't be able to open that.


          This OnlineHelp article goes into more detail:


          Version Compatibility Between Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server




          When does compatibility matter?

          Compatibility issues typically arise only between release versions of Tableau products. For example, if you are using Tableau Desktop 10.5 and others are using Tableau Desktop 10.3 or if you need to publish to Tableau Server and it is still running version 10.4, you can encounter compatibility issues.

          Release versions often include a range of new features and updates. If you try and publish your updated workbook to a prior version of Tableau Server, where those features aren't available, the workbook becomes incompatible.

          There are no compatibility issues with dot (or maintenance) release versions—for example, between Tableau Desktop version 10.2.1 and Tableau Server version 10.2.2.

          There is one exception. Tableau sometimes introduces new connector support with a dot release. This can introduce compatibility issues between Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server if Tableau Desktop has been upgraded but Tableau Server hasn't been.

          For details about data source support by release, see the Release Notes page.

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            Jeffrey Line



            I had a similar issue with an out of sync Reader and was looking for the specific version to install for someone. When I spoke with Tableau they just told me to get the latest reader version and it will open up older versions of packaged workbooks.