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    Connecting to Firebird

    Matt Wilson

      I need to connect to a FireBird database that is hosted on a local server.


      I'm unsure of the syntax to use in the prompt.


      This is the string I have for the server and database. How does this need to entered?




      Also I'm not sure if port 3050 is right or how I would check if it is wrong?




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          Ken Flerlage

          Here are some details for connecting to Firebird from Tableau: Firebird '


          So, based on what you specified earlier, I'd say that server should be PHI-UT2 and database would be WMS, though you could enter the username and password then browse to find the correct database name.


          3050 is the default port for Firebird so it should be 3050 unless another port was explicitly specified when the database was installed.