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    Issue with Table Calcs

    Chris Chutter

      I hesitate to post here because the first response is always "post an example" followed by "do it with fake data". And when I cannot, generally no one provides an answer. Please try to understand my issue without asking me to publish something I have already stated I cannot. Everything is on SERVER and everything is REAL and CONFIDENTIAL data. I imagine there is a simple solution I am just missing.


      I have several table calcs in a simple table. They all for some reason default to calculating DOWN even though when you edit them they say they calculate ACROSS. There used to be a way to set a default to calc ACROSS/DOWN and I cannot find that anymore and so have to do it each time I add one such variable to a viz (it does not save this preference at all). However I have one Calculated field that just adds a couple of these together. It is clearly doing the table calcs DOWN and then adding them, but I want it to do the calcs ACROSS and then add them. What am I missing? Did they get rid of the default table calc setting with 2018.1? Why? Where did they move it? Any help would be appreciated.

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          Deepak Rai

          You can Right Click, Edit Table Calculation and then Table (Across)

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            Chris Chutter

            Not sure if you meant on the Table Calc calculated field that I had already done that on or on the calculated field that was a simple sum and contained no table calc in its own code, but your comment got me to check if I could do the latter and I can. It appears that that works and if that is what you meant thanks!


            I swear I used to be able to set defaults in the Measures area that were saved and used everywhere. Can anyone explain how this change is an improvement. It is less intuitive and if I remove a variable and then put it right back I have to retell it how to calculate each time.