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    10.2.0 Edit Data Source stuck on "Loading Data for Preview"




      I was using tableau desktop 9.3 for a long time. Data source is hive and the workbook has around 80 tables. Every time I used to edit the data source, it took just 40 secs to load the metadata and then I would get all my joins and I used to make changes. I have been doing this for 1 year now.


      Yesterday, I upgraded to 10.2.0 desktop and also installed the latest hadoop driver. Now when I edit the datasource, it goes to the blank data source page in the background and gets stuck on "Loading Data for Preview" screen for almost 90 minutes and then I have no choice but to close the workbook. What could be wrong here ?


      Everything is same - the workbook, the tables, joins, data etc etc - Just tableau is new. Why such behaviour?


      Any insight/suggestions will be highly appreciated.


      Best Regards