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    Date Format and Tidy Headers


      I need some pointers in presenting my crosstab in a tidier way.


      This crosstab lives on Tableau Server and connects to a Google Drive spreadsheet. The dates in the spreadsheet are in the format "12/8/2017  2:35:46 PM" and I want to just have it appear as "12/8/17" or "12/8/2017."  The closest I can get is "December 9, 2017." Even when accessing via Desktop (10.4) I do not have the custom Format options described in this forum post.


      I also want the headers to just say the name of the dimension, and not the "Month, Day, Year of Dimension Name." It's clunkier and harder to read, yes, and it's also longer than I can get to fit in the header anyway. I can't get the header to be taller than two rows.


      In other words, my data source looks like this:

      (hat tip to mockaroo.com by the way)


      My crosstab looks like this:


      I want my crosstab to look like this:


      Ultimately my desired outcomes are:

      1. Date only, in mm/dd/yyyy number format

      2. Tidy headers that fit fully in the header row

      3. Compatibility with this tutorial: Max Date from Multiple Fields


      I'm open to a non-crosstab way of relaying this data but ultimately the users of this crosstab need to be able to read the notes and identify which ones might need follow-up because they're more than a few months old.


      Thank you!


      I apologize in advance for posting this on a Friday afternoon and bailing. I'll respond to questions and suggestions on Monday.