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    How to Rank Customers Based on if a Condition is Met (v10.5)


      Hello All,


      I'm currently struggling with getting my ranking calculation to output what I would like it to output. I would like to rank the different customers based on how many apples they bought. However, I would only like the rank to increase if the Condition for that customer equals 1. If the customer has a Condition=0, I would like them to receive the rank of the previous customer ranked before them that had Condition=1. In addition, if two customers have Condition=1 and have the same number of apples bought, I would like them to have unique ranks instead of the same rank (whoever receives the higher or lower rank can be random). I've attached a packaged workbook containing the variable Desired Rank (Hard coded but is how I would like the rank to appear) in addition to my attempt at ranking (which is not how I would like the ranking to appear). Any help would be greatly appreciated.