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    How to maintain fixed dimension?

    Federico Molina



      I would like to fixed dimension in the panel view. So when I start using data filter I don want to have any changes in the way you view the panel, but I would like to view changes in the "planned" measure but not in the "planned YTD".


      However when I applied date filter some dimension disappeard as you can see below. So there're less rows in the view. I understand that it happens because every row has an associate date so when I applied the filter this rows dissapear.



      My goal is to be able to actually applied the date filter and maintain every row intact, so you can actually see in the panel, but also be able to show changes in "planned" but no in "planned YDT". Therefore, I can show changes in this two measures.


      I tried with LOD expression but I can't do it.


      If anyone can helpe I would appreciate a lot. Thanks!