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    Adjust worksheet sizing

    Sherman sims

      I have a relatively simple chart table and I'm struggling with the sizing for printing.  Some of the columns are too narrow and obscuring the numbers so tableau is assuming there is limited size, but when I print a landscape pdf I have a bunch of white space to the right.  How do resize the default worksheet dimensions?  I know this is easy to do in the dashboard but I can't seem to find the equivalent in the worksheet.


      I did try to bring the worksheet to a dashboard and print from there, but that only prints the first section (top) of table and doesn't spool it across multiple pages.  I did resize to a 1366 width dashboard  and that resized the columns removing the pound sign obscuring...but then I had the spooling issue.


      The even crazier thing in my opinion is when I hide the marks cards in the interface, tableau resizes some of the columns unobscuring some additional columns and this is reflected in the printing.  Why interface control visibility impacts printing output is beyond me.