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    Filtering across data sources on dashboard only works one-way

    Jay Y

      Hi there,


      I'm working on a dashboard with two data sources - doc and keywords. Each doc can have multiple keywords.



      doc_id | date

                1| 1/1/2018

                2| 1/2/2018

                3| 1/3/2018



      doc_id | date          | keyword

                1| 1/1/2018   | apple

                1| 1/1/2018   | orange

                1| 1/1/2018   | banana

                2| 1/2/2018   | banana

                3| 1/3/2018   | strawberry


      I created two bar charts - one shows the number of doc per day (doc), one shows the frequencies of keywords (keyword).


      I want the ability to click on a bar in either chart and filter the records on the other chart (based on doc_id). However, it seems the filtering only works when I clicked bars in doc chart (which filters the records in keyword chart), but not vice versa. I checked the Data Relationship and the doc_id in two data sources are properly mapped.


      I attached my workbook here. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated!