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    How to color code columns, configure multiple column totals and print large amount of data on dashboard to 11x17 paper?




      I have attached a 10.2 workbook.  I have been asked to color code the columns like so:

      New Detail Cause Format 06-15-18.png

      As you can see it's fairly complicated (at least to me).  I think I need to somehow filter on Policy to color code the years but I need help.


      Additionally, I don't see at the moment how to make the Grand Totals appear how they want either (help!):

      New Detail Cause Format 06-15-18 Totals 2.png



      Finally, the user wants the page to print to 11"x17".  The reports will be distributed to members at meetings.


      Your help is DEEPLY APPRECIATED.

      Thank you very much.jpg