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    Pro-rata calculation... over years

    Matteo Baldassari

      Hi all


      I would like to obtain a pro-rata calculation keeping the values tied with each year and have a general budget overview over years.

      I believe we have 2 steps of thinking:


      1) how to calculate the pro-rata

      2) how to keep the pro-rated values assigned to each accounting period.


      For example:


      I have a product A with a fee of 1000 €. Its exploitation starts 1 Dec 2018 and end 12 months after, so 30 Nov 2019.


      1) 2018 should accounts 31 days, so 85 €... 915 € for 2019

      This first step is easy in excel... if the year is always the same... I would like to automate it in Tableau in order to let it works also when we have different years.


      2) I believe that if we success in making the first step, we should be able to have each year amount properly allocated... but I'm lost in step1.


      Any help?

      I attach a database sample.