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    Running Total not working with LOD

    Deepika Goyal



      Need your help here.



      I have a table which has [Month] (Date field)  in the columns and measure (cost) in the row. Number of months are restricted in filter pane to show 12 months only using below logic. Period here is date parameter = [Month]>= DATEADD('month', -12,[Period]) AND  [Month] <=  [Period],

      For each month,  cost is showing in the table


      Problem statement:

      I want a running sum to be appear in the table, this is fairly easy to accomplish by right clicking on the measure and click running sum. But, i want to start running sum from start of the year, since my view is getting filtered using date, it starts running sum from the first month appeared in the table.


      I tried using LOD with Running sum but says it's not allowed.


      Any view on the same please.