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    Resigned Headcount Calculation for Attrition Rate

    lalitha p

      Hello Everyone,


      I am trying to build a HR report in which i am trying to show Attrition rate monthly wise. I have my hiring data from 1999 but i have my attrition data from 2017 on wards.


      Here is my data file format:


      Type , Emp ID , Emp name , BU  ,  Capability  ,  Location ,  Grade ,  Hiredate  ,  Promotion Date  ,  Termination Date ,  Regretted ,  Role ....


      where Type includes whether the employee is active or inactive , Termination Date is empty if the employee is active.


      I am trying to calculate attrition rate like this:


      Attrition Rate:  (Voluntary Leavers / ( Opening HC + Closing HC) / 2 )


      Ideally Closing HC : (Opening HC + New Joinees  - Resignees ) of that month


      Imagine i have my 2016 Closing HC is 100 which is nothing but Opening HC of Jan 2017

      and say i have 4 ppl new joined in Jan 2017 and 2 resignees and 1 voluntary left in jan 2017

      so my calculation is:

      Closing HC  :  (100 + 4 -2) = 102


      so my Attrition rate will be : (2/(100+102)/2) = 2/(202/2) = 2/101 = 1.9% is my attrition rate


      this is how i am trying to calculate for my data from 2017 on wards.


      But i have got an issue with my data here, i couldnt get resignees information properly.

      I have my sheet designed like this in a test mode as a cross tab.

      year(Hire data) , qtr(hiredate) , month(hiredate) : and then measures opening HC , new joinees , resignees, Closign HC and then Attrition rate.

      Getting good with Opening HC , new joinees for first records but resignees are not coming properly and so bad data with Closing HC and then Opening HC too

      i feel resignees is related with Terminated date but my report is having hiredate i feel because of this it is causing issue with the data.


      Opening HC Calc:


      ZN(IF ATTR(YEAR([Hire Date])) = 2017 AND ATTR(MONTH([Hire Date])) = 1


      [Jan HC Opening]    // This is i have fixed it for Jan 2017 Opening HC :: 100


      //RUNNING_SUM([Jan HC Opening])

      //+ [New Joinees] - [Resignees]

      LOOKUP([Closing HC],-1)


      and then i took table down for this..


      New Joiness:

      COUNTD(if type = 'ACTIVE' then empid end)


      But i really couldnt pick up resignees



      COUNTD(if type = 'INACTIVE'  then empid end)  

      i tried this it didn't worked as hiredate has taken in the report

      then i took like this


      IF ATTR(YEAR([Hire Date])) < 2017 THEN 0   -- as i dont have attrition data till 2016


      (COUNTD({ FIXED YEAR([Termination Date]) , DATEPART('quarter',[Termination Date]) ,

                      MONTH([Termination Date]), DATEPART('day',[Termination Date]) :

          COUNTD( IF NOT ISNULL([Termination Date]) THEN [Empl ID] END )} 




      But this also didnt work for me..

      As this didnt work for me i couldnt get Closing HC and then as i am using Closing HC my Opening HC is also going wrong..


      Can anyone please help me...