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    Yifei Tang

      I want to monitor the Tableau Server (version 10.5) performance from Administrative Views ("Server Status --> Performance of Views"). In the dashboard, I noticed that some views took more than 5000 seconds to load. I am wondering how the load time is calculated here? What tabadmin config options should I use to avoid such crazy numbers?

      I checked the configuration of our server, it querylimit time out is set as default value: 1800 seconds.

      vizqlserver.querylimit: 1800

      Also, the backend database is Redshift. gateway timeout set at load balancer is 5 minutes.

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          Ritesh Bisht

          Hi Yifei,


          Record and Analyze Workbook Performance


          This should break your overall load time in to different components (extracts, mapping, computing layout  etc )that should help you to make improvements. (and off-course you will know how it is calculating )


          I have created a video as well on the same ---->Performance recording in Tableau with Live Demo (Server) - YouTube

          This is more specific to Tableau server recording , you have Tableau Desktop recording as well which should be there at Record and Analyze Workbook Performance




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            Jonathan Kazyak

            I don't think op's question was specifically asking how to performance tune the workbook in question but rather, why is he/she seeing load times that are so far above the vizqlserver.querylimit in the first place? There's not a ton of detail on how some of those config settings work.

            • Is this not how vizqlserver.querylimit actually works / are there additional configuration settings that need to set as well to limit load times?
            • Is the vizqlserver.querylimit setting working as expected but sometimes queries take a while to cancel?
            • Does the Administrative Views ("Server Status --> Performance of Views") sometimes shows incorrect results?


            We've seen this quite a bit at our company too. I agree that workbook performance optimization is absolutely essential to preventing poor performance on the server (we've preached to our devs that this is something they need to be proactively doing before they publish). However, there are always things that slip through the cracks, runs like ****, and causes server issues (of course they always seem to be for the largest user base as well -_- ). So as a server admin I'd like to have the piece of mind that the server configuration settings will limit the impact that these poof performing workbooks can have.