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    Running Sum with weekly activity on second axis

    Kevin Keoghan

      Hi All


      I have tried to fix this but i cant seem to get it over the line. I have 2 sets of data in Excel with a common field of the ticket no. The second data set tells me if the ticket has been closed. What i am trying to achieve is make a graph that has an accumulative line showing all the tickets that are open over time and have the number of tickets that were closed each week. I have tried a couple of things like pivoting the 2 date fields and i also tried making a copy of the data and trying to add the viz this way but nothing seems tio work. I am able to do thins Excel pretty easily but am struggling with Tableau.


      This is what i would like it to kind of look like.


      Thanks to Shinichiro Murakami for getting me started on this with his help from Running Total with Start and End Dates