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    Alignment problem with pyschedelic implications

    Joel Preston Smith

      I'm fairly new to TableauPublic, and I'm struggling with alignment issues. The viz I'm going to write about is here: Tableau Public


      I'm seeing one thing on my dashboard (set to auto size), and a very different thing online. If someone would let me know how to make the two views 'synch,' and possibly be less psychedelic in nature (the unpredictable permutations of the dashboard that appear online), I'd be grateful.


      My dashboard looks like this:


      The online view has the "Middleman Manchin" text box (on the right) running over top the bar chart, and the ink drawings scattered, out of line with the text books for annotated points): nearer_my_pres_online_appearance_14June.png


      Any suggestions as to how to get what I see in the dashboard? Thank you.

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          Joel Preston Smith

          Sorry for the typo. I meant "text boxes."

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            Peter Fakan

            Hi Joel,


            This is the problem with floating objects, even though you have 'eyeballed' the alignment, when you change screen resolution Tableau doesn't know where to put things, so it puts them anywhere according to Murphy's Law (if it can obscure another relevant data point then it will).


            However, you can drop your floating objects into a layout container so that when they move, they will do it together.



            HTH 18.1 attached



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              Joel Preston Smith

              Thank you, Peter. I did some studying this morning about containers and how to use them, and I followed your advice (I believe), but I'm still seeing basically the same alignment problems. I'm going to share a screenshot of the online version generated after I created the containers.


              BUT what I'm wondering is if I undermined the solution by creating the containers after the dashboards were already constructed. I read that containers are automatically sent to the background, so I assumed that anything that lay above them would 'fall' into the containers.


              If I have to start from the beginning--create new dashboards from scratch, that might explain why I'm not seeing the text boxes and images synch with the view I get when working on the dashboard. This is the online version after creating containers (pretty much the same problems exist; I'm also wondering if I'm supposed to set all objects to either tiled, or floating, in order to allow the auto resizing to take effect; I also read that autosizing doesn't work if "titles are turned on," but I don't know if that meant dashboard titles, the titles of various objects such as charts ...):



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