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    Alert - Time Zone Issue

    Kary K

      Hi All,


      I'm using an alert on date using the following calculation using the sheet displayed below which shows axis.


      IF (max(date))=TODAY() then 1

      ELSE 0



      I'm able to get the alert to my email but I noticed that I'm getting the alert at 12:00 AM GMT. I'm looking for the alert at EDT 6 am.


      Could someone please let me know the solution for this?




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          pavan kumar


          Try to add the time to your calcuation so that it will account for EDT.

          some thing like below

          IF (max(date))=TODAY() and dateadd('hour',1,'Today()= 6 then 1

          ELSE 0


          and then set the alert .

          Basically if max date is equal to  today and extract time from today is equal to EDT 6 AM then 1 else 0 end