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    Pass filters in URL

    Naga Rani Vempati



      I am trying to pass filter values in Tableau URL, to call another report in tableau server. I have also included filters in the URL. Everything is fine until here. But to increase the performance, we had to change a string filter to an integer filter & use ALIASES to show in filters. But when I pass the new integer filter in the URL, it uses the aliases rather than the actual values. I am running into the same issue when I use aliases in parameters.


      Please let me know if there is a means to pass actual values rather than aliases in URL parameters.




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          Santiago Sanchez

          Hi Naga,


          I haven't tried this recently but here's an idea:


          1. Duplicate the field that you've created aliases for.

          2. Remove any aliases for this new field.

          3. Add this new field into the view, the details card might work here as to not change the viz.

          4. Use this new field on the URL action instead of the original field.


          Hope this helps!