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    One to one connection

      1. I trying to get one to one connection at all the database. to get the correct value for handling pcs
      2. A goal is to get correct handling pcs from Airbill handling table
      3. Airbill Invoice table is for revenue (Invoice amount).


      Example: 8419294 = Manifest number there is one to one connection in Airbill handling table and Airbill detail table, but one too many connections with Airbill invoice table due to which it is pulling total handling pcs = 124 pcs whereas actual value should be 64 pcs.


      If I remove the connection between Airbill detail and Airbill Invoice. I do get the correct value, but as I mention above need Airbill Invoice for Revenue calculation.


      Please let me know if you need additional information.


      Thank you.