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    How to use calculation that are based on Sum of data with another variable

    Tal Shaffar

      I am a new user to Tablaeu. I can understand how to do basic charts - but I get confused with doing charts based on calculation of sum of data.


      (I am sure once I get the hang of it, this question will seem elementary  )


      For example...I have this data:


      country, StoreType, NumStores, Population

      Norway,  Cafe,         15,               5230000

      Norway,  Gas,          10,               5230000

      Spain,     Cafe,           25,            45000000

      Spain,     Gas,            20,            45000000



      II want to create a bar graph that shows:


      Spain:    (Poulation)/(num stores in Spain)

      Norway: (Popuiation)/(num stores in Norway)


      For example: Spain would have a value of 45,000,000 / (25+20) = 1,000,000