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    Shapes as Bars

    Nitin Paighowal

      Hello everyone,


      I am trying to create something like this where each bar is represented by some shape and the size corresponds to the total value of that bar.



      I tried to implement the same in Tableau however base of each shape starts from middle not from zero


      Any suggestions?



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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Nitin,


          So your shapes start at zero, because you have 0.0 in the rows.

          To create this view:




          Create a bar chart by bringing sales into rows, then bring ANOTHER instance of sales in rows so that you have two side by side. Right click on the second sales pill and select dual axis:




          Right click on the secondary axis and select synchronise axis:




          Then change ONE of the marks type to bar, and the other to shape. For the shape assign an up arrow.




          Then make the size of your bar chart smaller, and your shapes bigger. You can either resize by clicking on size in the marks card, or you can drag sum sales into the size:




          Personally I don't think sum of sales needs to be in size because the height of the arrows shows the sum of sales already.


          Thanks, please see attached workbook for more information.


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            suman kumar



            download the picture which you want to use instead of bar

            now go into document file of your system

            Documents-->My Tableau Repository-->Shapes-->Create a file and give any name and put your image inside of that folder.


            Now go into Tableau and select Marks

            Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 10.11.33 PM.png

            Select shape like above in the picture.. then

            click on shape--> more shape and then click on "reload shape"

            Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 10.12.48 PM.png


            Now once you click on default arrow which you can see in just above image then you'll be able to see your image there.


            Now create any view and select shape instead of bar in marks card. and select shape by clicking on more shape.





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              Nitin Paighowal

              Hello Mavis,


              I dont want to create Arrow headed bars. I want to create any random shape as bar like this-

              With Tableau, all shapes are positoned at their aggregate value which I dont want. I want them to start from zero

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                Mavis Liu

                Hi Nitin,


                Then please type in min(1) as an adhoc calculation in rows and then bring your sum(sales) into size in the marks card. Right click on the axis and then fix it to start from 1 and end at 2:








                You'll then get this:




                You can edit the axis if you want the shapes even bigger.


                Please see attached workbook.





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                  Nitin Paighowal

                  Thanks Mavis,


                  It doesn't work for other shapes:


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                    Mavis Liu

                    Hi Nitin,


                    Right click on the axis and edit the range, maybe you should start at -0.5 or something.