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    Top N/Bottom N filters eliminate results

    Gary Bisaga

      I think I'm not understanding the Top N filter. See the attached twbx, RankingChartsBottom and RankingChartsTop worksheets. I'm trying to apply a top/bottom N filter on the rank column and getting unexpected results. You can see those two worksheets have a Rank filter with top/bottom N. However if you remove the filters, you can see the top/bottom N filtered values are not the rows as I would expect from looking at the complete list of values. In fact, there are many missing rows. For example:


      With top N filter:

      When I remove the filter constraint and just sort by rank:

      Note that the "top N" omits the rows where rank is 113, 112, 110, 109, 104, 102, 101, 100, etc. I can see no rhyme nor reason as to which rows Tableau included and whichs rows it excluded.


      I've played around with the aggregating function a little.


      • For RankingChartTop (which uses Bottom 10), if I change Sum to Minimum, then it gives the expected results
      • For RankingChartBottom (which uses Top 10), no matter which function I change Sum to (Minimum, Maximum, etc.), it does not give expected results


      Can anybody explain (1) why RankingChartTop (bottom 10) works when I choose Minimum but not Sum; and (2) what I'd have to do to get RankingChartBottom (top 10) to work. I've tried "Add to context" as suggested by a help page and moving the Rank filter to the top of the pane, both without change in results.