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    Hidden data in table gets shown when using hierarchies drilling up and then down

    Manuel Balcazar

      Tableau Desktop Professional Edition 2018.1 64 Bits


      Hello everyone


      I have seen many other similar questions about hidden data being shown without aparent logic and so far I couldn't find a proper solution to my side.


      This is my scenario: I am building a Data Scorecard with independient conditional formatting for every Measure I got there and also, I have some dimensions in a hierarchy. For visual purposes I don't want to show one of the elements of a particular dimension (Other | Product) but neither want to affect the Grand Total so I had to hide it instead of exclude it in the Sheet. Everything works fine but when I drill up in the hierarchy (To see the Grand Total) and then drill down (To see the subtotals at product level) the element that was hidden (Other) gets shown, this represent an issue because the Drilling Up and Down through the different levels is what this scorecard is all about.


      Beforehand I know I could get to my solution from another perspective such as create a calculated field called "All" that sums all the products and then exclude "Other" of the Scorecard, change the hierarchy levels and that's it. It is just that I believe this "Show hidden stuff" should have a solution as doesn't seem to follow a normal logic.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Best Regards