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    Sorry my issue is really not solved with alias issues

    Tina Crouse

      I took my wb and did a local copy so that I could change my alias and calculations because they were copied. The local copy was originally an extract that is stored on our tableau server in the data source area. I was able to make my changes and all looks good. I then did a new extract from my wb based on the changes I and and published that to the server overwriting the old extract. I then took my wb and changed the data source to what I just published and my dashboard and all sheets reverted back to what they were prior with the wrong headers and I am back to no alias pointing to the new extract I made form a local copy and put on the Tableau Server. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. I have to point to the extract because it is 13.6 million rows and it makes the wb not usable because it ends up 137k where as using the extract and pointing to our Tableau server my wb is 56k. Please help. I do not want to have to reinvent the wheel with this wb.

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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Tim,


          This is because the alias follows the data source. If you replace the data source, the alias names will be removed and it will refer to the original names. Even if you extract it and republish it to replace the previous version on the server, it will still follow the original data source name.


          What I would recommend instead is to use the grouping function in tableau to create a NEW field and use this in your views.


          Right click on the field you had wanted to alias, in my example I am using market, then select create -> group:



          Then click on the name you want to rename and select group:




          Then rename the as appropriate:




          Click ok and find the new field in the data pane (it will have a paperclip icon)[:




          Then use this field in the view:




          As you can see, the new name has been used here - Asia Pacific.


          If you have groups in the workbook, and you replace or update the data source then these groups will still be maintained.





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            Tina Crouse

            Thanks. I cannot do that since they are calculated fields to calculate the sum of 2 different measures and then divide that to get a % but it is at the cell level so I end up with % Provider NonPar along Cell. I will just have to go back to the original data source and rebuild the wb.

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              Mavis Liu

              Hi Tina,


              Could you create a calculated field and rename it that way?





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                Tina Crouse

                I found the best solution was use my original data source and wb. Delete the copies I put in the production wb and the data source. Retain the original data source in my original wb so I can make changes. Then when I copy and paste to our production wb everything stays the same and I just switch the data source to the extract that is in the Tableau Server. This is what I did with the first version of my working wb but I was asked to make changes and thought I could just make them in the production wb but because the data source is pointing now to an extract on the Tableau Server and not the original data source you can only do so much. We have a lot of wb's that are built out and copy them into the production ones. Thanks for your guidance. I just think maintain the original data source with original wb is the best option when you are asked to create changes over and over again.