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    Data View Question

    James Dodd


      Above you will see an export to crosstab from a report that I have created. What I'm trying to figure out is how to "in the view" Have the "Unique Value here" repeated in each line instead of just showing up once. I have tried moving the pills around, but no matter what value I use I get the same grouping effect.


      Hope that makes sense and appreciate any ideas.

      Thank you!

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          marc de Latour

          A way to do this is to make a copy of your lowest aggregation point ("description of column B"),  so copy the field and create a duplicate and then drag that copy to the front or first pill in the "rows" section.


          then right click on that copy and select "don't show header" it will disappear but the row for each "unique value here will remain"


          if you want the sort to persist, do the same process with "unique value here" and move it also to the front and then make it disappear.  so you will have two hidden copies at the front of your row pills.

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            James Dodd

            Thank you! I had to create a different column (always unique) but that did the trick.


            Thanks again.