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    Actions>Target Filters

    Sri Kumaran Thirupathy

      When I add more than a field in Actions>Target Filters (Selected Field), the action filter resulting with comma separated value.


      For Ex.:

      Field-1: State

      Field-2: Country


      Filter: New Jersey, USA

                Tamilnadu, India

                Sydney, Australia


      Due to comma separation, the filter is not working. How to handle this case?

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          Jim Dehner


          any filter that is passed with an action will be a literal match -

          haven't seen all your data but I would split it dimension on the , and have separate country and state  field to complete the match

          you will then have 3 field in the one file a state a country and the original comma separated state country


          you would only match on the 2 but could  use the third in your viz


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            Jeevan Krishna

            Hi Kumaran,


            Can you provide more context when you say the filter is not working? Can you post an image or workbook for easier understanding?


            Coming to comma separated fields - Whenever you apply an action based on multiple fields, tableau creates a combined field separated by commas and enables filtering capabilities for each combination of those fields. This is the expected behavior in tableau.


            Do you need some other implementation?

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              Ken Flerlage

              Are you saying it's combining the two fields together? That doesn't make sense.


              I just created a sample with Superstore data. I set up the filter as follows:



              It works as expected. See the attached workbook.

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