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    How to get total sum of previous year results YTD in the Title of the Dashboard?

    Nathalia Alvarenga

      I need to add in the title of dashboard a dynamic total sum of Cost of Delay from the previous year YTD without impacting the current information. At the moment, I have the sum for 2018 YTD (from January until May). But I need the same period result for 2017.


      I have calculated the 2018 as below:


      TOTAL(SUM(IIF([Year]=2018, [Cost of Delay (USD)],0)))


      But I cant seem to find the calculation for 2017, the closest I found was the one below:


      TOTAL(SUM(IIF([Year]=2017, [Cost of Delay (USD)-18],0)))


      I have tried the suggestions on different posts but it doesn't seems to work as well


      I have managed to get the results as table calculation but I really need the formula behind the result. Is there a way to figure out how tableau is calculating the results for 2017?