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    Python total_available attribute broken on workbook item?

    Yongwon Lee

      I have been using Tableau Server API through the official Python implementation.

      Ever since we upgraded to 10.5, the the attribute 'Total_available' is not functioning for the users.workbook pagination item.


      Is this broken or am I doing something wrong? This is the official sample code and this does not work at all.


      # first get all users, call server.users.get()
      # get workbooks for user[0]

        page_n = server.users.populate_workbooks(all_users[0])
        print("\nUser {0} owns or has READ permissions for {1} workbooks".format(all_users[0].name, page_n.total_available))
        print("\nThe workbooks are:")
        for workbook in all_users[0].workbooks :