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    Complex row security


      I have created row security where all users have got one line per group in a document.


      Each user can have multiple lines in the security document to cover all possible combinations.


      Next to this I have a formula that gives users in one usergroup access to all data.


      Now my question is if I can do a more complex row security?


      for example can I make the security only from one parameter and leave the rest blank.


      User      Level 1    Level 2    Level 3  level 4

      user 1    Europe

      user 2    Europe   Germany

      user 3    Europe   Germany  North


      then i don’t have to add al combinations.


      If there is a way I would like to add another dimension to exclude things from level 4 for specific users.


      For example user 3 should have access to Germany north but exclude some product groups from level 4.


      Hope this makes sense