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    Dynamic date comparison over n different measures

    Alejandro Calderon

      So I am very new to Tableau and I need to build this presentation in which a crosstab is built that compares 2 specific dates over n number of measures. Imagine you have a company's financials and your boss wants to see how one year does against another, on all the important stuff (COGS, profit, depreciation, etc....). What I had thought to do this but can't seem to make work is first start off by "copying" the data, ie making a duplicate of the database and blend them on calculated date field that was offset by an x(int parameter) number of p periods (string parameter day, month, year, quarter) using the dateadd function using user defined date as base (through a date parameter). This last part about the date parameter has not worked very well for some reason. (my understanding of the functionality of tableau is limited) Then another trick I saw, if you wanted to have columns with independent data, you had to create columns set to an arbitrary numeric value (such as 1 or 0). These then where set as continous attributes and the axis length set to make these middlepoints. My logic says that if i am able to create two distinct date fields that vary dynamically based on user input, then the data that is using them as reference should be printed accordingly. Here is where I get even more confused. I thought throwing the dates onto the different column marks on the detail and then the specific measure on text, then the two columns would accurately present the data for the measure over the two distinct periods. This seems something that should be rather simple but is proving to be an huge obstacle that my extremely limited knowledge of tableau does not allow me to solve (less than a week total). Please help