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    Field type conversion issue

    Hannah Light

      I am using an ODBC connector with a Smartsheet report as my data source. I've got a field that Tableau pulls in as a Number (whole) field, but it contains mixed data including some data that isn't a number and therefore is Null in the Tableau data. The original sheets this is pulled from have the column specified as Text/Number as Smartsheet doesn't differentiate. The field type cannot be edited in the report.


      I've used the same data but in a report with fewer rows and this works as a String field.


      Does Tableau go with the majority or is there another way it works out what the field is?


      And is there a way I can force this to be a String field in Tableau? I've tried changing the data type and creating a STR() calculated field, but neither of these options bring in the missing data. I can't change anything at source.


      I'm using Tableau Desktop 10.5 - just waiting for our server to be updated to 2018.1 before I update.


      Thanks in advance for any help.