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    Bullet graphs


      Iam using a default view called bullet graphs in tableau which has a grey shaded area along the bar what does it refer to??? Can I remove the shaded area....

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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Aravind,


          A bullet chart compares one value against another. These are using reference lines and distribution bands.


          E.g. it can compare your sales and targets so that you can see just how far you are from your targets. So the shaded area can show you what % you are from your target, E.g your sales might be 75, your target is 100, so the shaded area can show you that you're 75% towards the target.


          For example, in the below screenshot you can see that Appliances hasn't quite reached the target, but it is over 50% of the way there.


          When you hover over the shaded area, the tooltip should appear:




          Just right click and select remove:




          Alternatively go to the axis at the bottom and right click -> Remove Reference Lines


          More information can be found here: Quick Start: Bullet Graphs





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            Brian Cronin

            Those are Called Reference Bands /Lines and yes they can be removed.


            If you right click the axis of your chart You'll see an option for Remove Reference Line and then you can select which reference line or Band you want removed.


            Hope this helps

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              suman kumar



              Here I have attached one screen shot of bullet chart.Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 6.09.26 PM.png

              In this chart, Blue bar is Profit and Grey bar is sales.

              It means by using this chart you can track your Target and where you reached.

              for Instance: suppose blue bar is Actual sales and Grey Bar is Target of sales which you have to achieve. So you can track where you are.




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                Thanks Brian....

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                  Thanks for the explanation @suman kumar that helped me to understand what it really means.....