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    How to aggregate all others items as "others" in accumulated bar chart?

    Pak Hang  Leung

      Hi all.


      I have a problem when I would like to visualize my idea

      Now I have the following table generates from the datawarehouse as follows

      Traffic typeTraffic sourceCoupon codeDateVisit Revenue
      SEOGoogle Coupon0012018-03250030000
      SEOBing Coupon0022018-03100015000
      SEOYahoo None2018-031008000
      SEOGoogle Coupon0012018-02200025000
      SEO Bing Coupon0022018-02150015000


      What we want to do is, to observe whether the change of coupons001 and 002 drives more visit/revenues .

      And To do so, we would like to use a accumulated bar graph, which would be similar as follows


      The problem is, there are still different campaigns, which we don't currently take into consideration, and we would like to put it all into category "Others". How can we do that in this case?

      And by wonder, do you guys think there is better way to visualize the effect?

      Many thanks for your help in advance!


      Pak Hang