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    Remove default Color palette of Tableau

    Artee Jajoo

      Hi All,


      We are trying to create a template and allow users to create copies of the same to create their own analysis.

      To maintain consistency, we will like to not have the users to select random colors but only the company approved color palette. Is that possible?

      Is there a way to remove the default color palette from Tableau?




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          Alvino Vaz

          Hi Artee Jajoo,


          I think the below article will solve your problem


          Create Custom Color Palettes




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            Jyothisree Rayagiri

            Hi Artee


            I do not think you can remove default colour palettes.

            You can use the Preferences file to add a new colour palette - assign all the colours you want users to use - based on your company style guides etc.

            and instruct the developers to always use the company palette.

            We usually add 2-3 different palette - the first one including the various colour and 1-2 further palettes for continuous colours for measure values / RAG colour schemes etc.




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              anand mishra

              hi artee,


              u can go to tableau repository and open preferences.tps file and paste the following code like:




              <color-palette name="Classic 19" type = "regular">







              remove the previous workbook tags from there and paste these lines.In the colour tag paste the code of the colour which u want to be shown.U can search for rgb code for any colour from google.

              If u want to create a pallete of more than one colours then add one or more colouur tags beside previous one(like <color>##ffffff</color>).then go to your sheet canvas and click on colours then select edit colour and click on assign pallete and open the dropdown of select colour pallete where u will find your colour.