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    Duration calculation and distance calculation

    wc chua


      I have a data file with millions of rows with timestamp as one of the column. In the timestamp column, it comprises date and time as shown below.

      would like to ask if there is any ways to calculate the total duration for (e.g. Model X)from the timestamp that is in mode 2?

      e.g. there is 4 mode(1,2,3,4). I would like to find the total duration model X stays in mode 2 before changing to mode 1 in this context

          0,X,2018-05-31 09:15:32.869,2,1.3539,103.84
          1,X,2018-05-31 09:15:32.869,2,1.3545,103.84
          2,Y,2018-05-31 09:18:20.870,2,1.3839,103.7002
          3,X,2018-05-31 09:18:20.870,1,1.3548,103.84
          4,Y,2018-05-31 09:21:14.868,2.1.3831,103.71
          5,Z,2018-05-31 09:21:14.868,2,1.3139,103.88

      For part 2, i would like to calculate the distance for model X from "Index 0 --> Index1 , Index 1--> Index 3" using the lat long field



      Please advice!