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    Access Permission for same group with different roles for different Project for the same site

    Debayan Bhattacharjya

      Hi All,




      We are facing a challenge, where a group of users are added in a local Group say "Group 1" and all the users there are onboarded as Interactor and the Permissioning for the group to a Project , say "Project 1" is having all interactive features.


      Now the requirement says , that  existing group "Group 1" should have publishing access to a separate newly created project "Project 2".


      So we permission that Group 1 to the Project 2 folder as Publishing rights.


      But unfortunately, since the users in the group have site role are having Site role as Interactor, they are unable to Publishing or save adhoc reports in Server for Project 2.


      Kindly help me on this as to achieve this.


      Also please note we cant make the users publisher as this will enable them to have publishing rights in "Project 1"