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    Conditional formula

    TEnzin Dolma

      Hi all,


      I have a formula like this IF ([Data Release Dt]- [First Promise Dt])>0  then " Late" ELSEIF ([Data Release Dt]-[First Promise Dt])< 0 then "Early" else " On time" end


      ([Data Release Dt]- [First Promise Dt])>0 then Assign late

      ([Data Release Dt]- [First Promise Dt])<0  then assign Early

      ([Data Release Dt]- [First Promise Dt])=0 the ontime


      I have another field that is Revised Promise date. I want to be able to choose the revised promise date, if the data is present inorder to obtain more practical result.

      How can I integrate it into the formula?


      IIF (revised promise date)> (first promise date), 'revised promise date','first promise date') I tried substituting this in the formula above but failed.


      Thank you!

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          Deepak Rai

          What is the Error you are getting?

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            Jim Dehner


            Consider what the data table looks like

            you have 4 columns

            and identifier - a release date - a promise date and a revised promise date


            This will select the promise date to use

                     date to use =     ifnull([promise_date],[revised_promise_date)  if the first argument is NOT null it uses the first argument - if it is null it uses the second


            THen you can use the date to use in your previous formulas



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