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    Please criticise my work!

    Izzie Cosgrove

      Hi guys!


      So many posts in the last few days, apologies. I have a really important interview coming up where I have to use a dataset and present it through Tableau. I have made various graphs etc to visualise the story and I want your honest, and as harsh as possible, opinion! I would much rather it is completely slated and I don't embarrass myself presenting it than be incorrectly told it is fine... I think because I have been consistently on Tableau for hours trying to create this that I've gone Tableau-blind and can't work out what looks best anymore


      I plan to properly place everything together once I've decided what to use so don't worry too much about organisation of each graph or little mistakes such as axis or titles etc as I will sort that all out when I piece it together. I just want to know which graphs are junk and which effectively illustrate the data


      The data I am working with (attached) is basically poll results for Americans preference of rep/dem congressional results for the upcoming election. No geographical data included, I'm just working with the answers to the question "who wold you vote for in the congressional election if it were today". So % that chose democrat, % that chose republican - as well as the date of the poll and whether the respondent was a registered voter or considered a 'likely' voter. I will attach the workbook but there are a few and they are very disorganised right now so I think screenshots are a better way to view them.


      Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 11.05.41.png

      ^ Viewing % that chose each party over time



      Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 11.06.01.png

      ^ The ratio of democrat/republican preference over time


      Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 11.06.27.png

      ^ A simple look at the overall average of preferred party. I like this one anyway as almost a header-type feature to the dash I will make as it is simple and straight away shows the user the overall preference?


      Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 11.07.27.png

      ^ Looking at each party's increases and decreases in preference over time



      Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 11.07.49.png

      ^ Simple graph showing the % that answered Dem or Rep over time.


      Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 11.08.29.png

      ^ An alternative to showing the difference in party preference overtime but on the same graph.




      Please be harsh


      (PS, I am going to add a page to discuss how the findings for likely voters was different to that of registered etc but for this post I mostly just want opinions on displaying these graphs I screenshotted)

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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          I looked at some of your earlier post and wondered where you were going

          Just a rhetorical question - what are you interview for and who will be reviewing your work -

          If the role is one of being a business analyst and Tableau is the visualization tool to be used with many  clients or groups - then you want to show the range of capability from the basic line charts to the more complex. The emphasis on you ability to provide clear concise vision of the data at either end of the spectrum


          If on the other hand you are interviewing for analyst position in a corporation developing viz for their corporate management team  then flip the message from  "range of your capability"  to "impact of message".  In that regard you could use the more basic line charts (or even text charts) as the "heres what most people do" examples and the more complex area  and tear drop % change charts as examples of impact.  


          Your goal here is to separate yourself from what the other candidates bring.  In either event your presentations needs to deliver a clear message that your skill level meets their immediate needs

          Just my POV

          Good luck


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            Izzie Cosgrove

            It is for a graduate position that starts off with Tableau training and then further direction will be organised when the time comes. So could be business analysis or other analyst positions. The company want to see passion but as it is a graduate role and begins with lots of training, they don't 'expect' prior knowledge but they want to see hard work and an eagerness to learn. So they don't necessarily need really complex graphs but they probably wouldn't feel there was a lot of effort in basic line graphs. The idea is more behind the presentation and evident passion, but visualisation best practices will be marked on! So chart junk will score me low... I wanted advice I guess based on that? Not having overly confusing or too brash graphs but something which still shows I had to put effort in to learn how to do it. (Most of these I did because I am so new

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              Izzie Cosgrove

              (I will be presenting to the head of training and founder of the company)