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    How to get duration from below transaction in tableau desktop.

    Sparsh Jain



      I have a requirement in which i have to calculate duration between two time(To and from), but records can be duplicated(i.e. same time period can also come,  also duration can be between two time, i will explain my requirement below )


      FromTask NameDuration
      1:001:10Task 110 min
      1:151:16Task 21 min
      1:002:00Task 160 min
      3:004:00Task 260 min


      So i have to calculate how much time it will take for each task


      It should come as


      > task 1- 60 min (since task 1 has taken 60 min to complete it, it should ignore 10 min since it's time is already cover in below records, also it should check in full record for this, data is not order by time it can be in any order(above or below))


      > Task 2 - 61 min


      Note: For this requirement, i don't have any DB support, so i have to do this in tableau itself.


      Can anybody suggestion any idea to achieve this.






      Sparsh Jain