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    Data filter and Lookup Calculation

    Vandana Samtani

      Hi guys,


      I have a lookup issue while i filter the data for 3 weeks, The user requirement is to filter the view for last 2-3 weeks on the dashboard.

      When i filter the data for last 2-23 weeks the churn calculation does not work because it's looking at 30 days ago number.

      Below is the formula i am using to calculate churn -

      Is there a way I can restrict the view to 2-3 weeks and below churn calculation works? Any suggestions would be helpful.


      ABS(window_sum(SUM( [Cancel]),-30,0))




      Results without filter -

      Results after filter - As you can see the churn calculation does not work? I need to add a date range filter for 2 weeks and the flexibility of changing it to any date range.